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  • Dear Diary: Woes of a 27-year-old Single Mother

    I had to emphasize it – Young adult but already a SINGLE mother. In today’s case it’s nothing new anymore. Teens get pregnant and what’s new. But little did I ever know that all of these came with responsibility. Ah, for the readers it must be , “Yan kasi” or “I told you so”. But […]

  • Beauty
  • How to Get Straighter, Softer and Shinier Hair with 4 Home Ingredients

    This is going to be a quick post of a recipe I recently “made” out of basic home ingredients and a ton of curiosity. So my hair was a mess prior to the mask because of using hair dyes and I wanted to do something but I don’t have the patience to go into 8 […]

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  • Pros, Cons, Tips – Lazada Ph

    Who doesn’t love a good deal? And by a good deal, I don’t mean an item looking like it has a discount ‘cause they put it on “sale” after setting the price way too much than it should have been. I’m talking about some sweet deals you get like 50% off , a buy 1 […]

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  • Top 6 Practical Tips on Saving this Spending Season

    Top Practical Tips on Saving this Spending Season. 1. Know what to buy, who to buy it for and of course, your budget. – Since everything seems to be on sale nowadays, it won’t hurt to keep a budget. If you’re really saving up, it would be wise to keep a tentative list to mark […]

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  • [ MOST] Affordable Globe Internet Surfing Prepaid Promo : GOTSCOMBODD70

      I have been on a post-paid plan for a year and pays P999 for a 5GB package of Internet, that’s aside from the other stack on package like Unlimited Calls and Txts. Anyhow, I have been thinking that P999 is way too expensive for a 5GB. This, by the way, does not include Free […]

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  • LG G4 Review – Expectations Unmet

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And for this, let me quickly lament the recent death of my then- flagship-phone-of-2015, my LG G4. After all, we need to remember our passed “loved ones” right? So. Here is a quick rant. Maybe not too quick but we really don’t make good decisions when we have a heartache, right? Early Disclaimer: […]

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  • Ordering From Avon Online – Philippines

    MY AVON EXPERIENCE: Great news for the fashionistas and make-up enthusiasts out there! Recently, I have discovered, through an email ad banner, that people in the Philippines can already order Avon products online. YESSSSS! Well, there is really no need to when we practically grew up knowing where to find the nearest branch or the […]

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  • GLOBE LIFE HACK: LEGIT – How to get 1GB of Internet From Globe in a Day

    11/09/2016 Edit: NEW GLOBE PROMO HERE: www.theprojectcathy.com/most-affordable-globe-internet-surfing-prepaid-promo-gotscombodd70   YES! I BADLY NEED THIS! I HAVE BEEN HAVING horrific problems with Data Cap.. There are five of us at home and we consumed 20GB of internet in 10 days. I have a P1099 plan with Wifi LTE with globe and I can’t use it anymore because […]

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  • Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte in Mysterious Mocha-

    I never like Nude lippies until recently. I used to wear blue toned reds, plums and cherry reds. Well, I did a lipstick swap with one of my officemates and I just discovered that nudes are perfect for everyday wear. Also, other than office and day wear nudes are great when you want to draw […]